Tamatiestraat Team


Reinée is the founder and CEO of Tamatiestraat and in charge of the cooking classes. “This venture has brought together so many things I love: creativity, people, sharing, passion and food!” she says. “ I’m so grateful for all the people sharing this journey with us. It’s been one exciting ride thus far!”


Deon is the COO of Tamatiestraat and in charge of the catering side of the business. To him, the best part of his job is that he gets to play with food and engage with many amazing people. “I’m in my element!” he adds.

Hendrina (Baby)

Tamatiestraat’s one and only “Prep Queen”, Baby joined the team in 2016. She’s in charge of organising the kitchen, preps all the ingredients for the cooking classes and is Deon’s right-hand at catering functions. Her hard work and enthusiasm makes her a cherished part of our team.

Wilma (Nanna)

Wilma has been part of the Tamatiestraat team since 2012. Not only is she an incredible nanny to our son Ben-Daniel and real-life cat whisperer, she’s an indispensable part of the operations team, helping with the setting up and prepping for the cooking classes, arranging flowers, making coffee and tackling our admin.


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