In the beginning of 2023 we made the decision to place a hold on our cooking experiences to rethink our offering as well as properly direct our attention to our catering side of the business. We knew for some time that it was bursting at the seams and needed focus, better systems and support. The question always remained of how we can run both these businesses effectively as we felt they complimented each other so well.  At the end of 2023 we tested a new experience format, the TAMATIESTRAAT POP-UP FOOD THEATRE. O man, it was fun and it was so wonderful to see much loved familiar faces again. But, it was a mammoth task to pull together and not something we can attempt regularly at this stage!

With 2023 not really ending and flowing into 2024 at a rapid speed, we have not been unable to commit to experience dates. This remains a bitter pill to swallow as we miss those interactions terribly, as we know you do too. We also realise though the importance of the foundations we are laying at the moment – not only in and for our business, but as a family. Therefore we ask you to please be patient with us. We hope to offer “something spectacular and exciting” in the near future and will announce it our social challenge as soon as we get there. In the meantime we will offer you inspiration and recipes on those channels to remind you that we are not going anywhere!

With love!

Deon & Reinée & the team